frequently asked questions

1I don’t need printing, just the design.
No problem. Send specs.
2I just need printing.
As long as your specs are correct, we can have your project printed.
3Can I use the printer of my choice?
I don’t see why not. Put us in touch.
4I don’t’ know where to start.
We will consult and brainstorm with you. Let us help. First 15 minutes free.
5Can you think for me?
No, but we can help you pull it all together.
6I need a website but my writing sucks.
This is what we tell everybody: Jot it down, sketch it out, have fun, make mistakes. Bad grammar? No problem, we will proof read and organize your chaos for a fee.
7I just need to change the date on a previous design.
No problem, small fee. Generally, source file is necessary. If we designed it, great!
8I just need to make my instagram design facebook size.
No problem, small fee. Must have source file. If we designed, we have it.
9I have a logo, but it’s not high quality…
We can generally recreate logos, for a fee. Submit your work and we’ll let you know what’s necessary. You can even submit a sketch.
10I have product pictures but they aren’t very good?
Let’s see them. We have photo retouching services. Maybe we can help.
11I need next day shipping.
Call or email us! We’ll arrange to get your product to you ASAP.
12What if I don’t like it?
We work to please. We will revise until you approve. We do not offer refunds.
13Can I get a refund?
Generally, No.
14I’m a perfectionist, soooooo…..
We work with all kinds of clientele. Every project offers room to grow. Relax, we’re doing our best. However, if your edits (requests for changes) become intentionally redundant and negligible, if you are ridiculously rude, we will refuse to work further and will not refund your money. We welcome “perfectionist to a fault.”
15Somebody else does it for cheaper.
You are welcome to use their services. We do not price match, but, you are welcome to negotiate.
16I don’t know what size label to use.
Send us a picture and the dimensions of your product. We’ll help you make a determination.
17Where are you located?
We are an American based company in Los Angeles, California.
18My flier said it would be ready in 2 days, it’s been 4!
Every time you request an edit, the time has to be taken to complete the task amongst many other tasks in the queue. Every edit will push back your project a full day. Fact!
19I have a budget.
Great! What is it?