I can remember picking up a beautifully colored box off the ground. It was a discarded Camel cigarette box. In that moment I realized that some of the most striking art was in advertisement and packaging. I still have that box. It was a limited edition I’m sure.

My earliest memories of drawing come from my Father. He would draft houses on his large angled table with a huge jointed light.  I was fascinated and would also sketch houses. I’d put in several levels, bathrooms, stairs, doors, beds etc. I was smitten with my dad’s stencil collection. Then, I started drawing people in the houses, and my focus became the people.

My Grandmother ensured I was a creative artist by keeping me stocked in art supplies that came with us everywhere we went. She gave me the gift of creative freedom, of re-creation.  She taught me how to crochet, sew, paint, cook, play piano, story tell, the importance of reading product labels, the practical application of Pi….I could go on and on. Back when printer paper had holes on the sides, she had an apple computer with giant floppy discs. Then, she got a PC and me and my lil’ brother got “Instant Artist.” We’d arrange scenes with various clip art and print them out so proudly. We’d paint over them rendering the original print invisible. I still have some of those creations. In High School, my mother bought me “Sierra Print Artist” out of the impulse software section at Staples, or some store like it. Between “Sierra Print Artist” and its fantastic clip art selection (still fantastic to this day) and my ever increasing stack of sketch books, I created the labels to my first product line. My friends turned to me for all their print design needs: tickets, documents, business cards, etc.

There is a key event here: I was sitting on the board of the neighborhood development council. I was sketching in a book during the meeting because, that’s what I do, I doodle. My board member asked to look through my book. He invited me to interview with his wife, to design the art for a soccer mom’s line of clothing. They owned a Los Angeles based soccer supply company, “Fold-A-Goal.” He asked if I could do this kind of art on the computer. I said “yes.” The next day I got Adobe Illustrator CS2 and the rest is history.

I’ve watched myself evolve from an artist who found her customers to be mostly other artists absolutely enjoying the artistry in the label, to designing for legibility and shelf worthiness. There is a place for intricateness, most clients rarely require it.

In a nutshell, because I’ve had to, and have greatly enjoyed doing all the print work for my businesses, word has gotten out. So, now I have a team. We aim to please and we’re fast.

We’d love to have your business!

Why the name, Daisy Shadows?

When I was a little girl, our brick paved walk way was lined with a towering abundance of daisies. The shadows cast themselves upon me and the ground. Hence, daisy shadows!

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